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What is a Performance Chip?

A Performance Chip is a performance enhancing computer chip. A small electronic module that mainly consists of a microchip which stores a new program, improving your vehicles performance. This fits into your stock computer, it not only increases horsepower and torque but overall driveability.

The product codes listed here are for a 1988 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24 2.8L V-6 5 Spd Man.

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Hypertech Power Chips
Product # 128421 5Spd

Product # 128411 Auto

Performance Chip (PowerChip)
Hypertech Performance Chips Hypertech's Street Power Chip puts the fun and excitement back into your computer-controlled GM car or truck, providing the extra horsepower and torque needed for any kind of driving, whether it's towing, off-roading, racing, or daily street driving.

Check with Hypertech's Application Guide for your J-Body.

Price $200.00 Aprx. Web Address:

JET Performance Products
Product #18803 Performance Chip (JetChip)
Jet Performance Chips Today's vehicle use various types of computers, some have
chips that are easily removable, others do not. Not to worry,
JET has a chip, module or computer upgrade to fit almost every
application on the road today.By installing the JET chip or
module these extra increases in performance enhance drivability,
towing capabilities, reduce miles times and provide improved
overall efficiency.

Check with Jets Application Guide for your J-Body.

Price $189.95 US Web Address:

Product #NA Performance Chip (FastChip)
Fast Chips Why Fastchip?
We guarantee no chip will outperform ours!
30 day money back guarantee!
Lifetime warranty to the original buyer!

Check with FastChip's Application Guide for your J-Body.

Price $159.00 US Web Address:

ADS SuperChips
Product #8856A Performance Chip (SuperChip)
Sorry no Picture More Horse Power, Better Acceleration and easy to install.

Power and Performance is back with ADS SuperChips

Check with ADS's Application Guide for your J-Body.

Price $99.95 US Web Address:

Performance Resource
Product # Performance Chip (SuperChip)
Performance Resource Chip Pic Performance Resource engineers and manufactures its own replacement computer E-proms (chips) for most '87 and up General Motors sport trucks, compact and full-size pickups, vans and sport-utilities. Our chips use more aggressive fuel and ignition curves than the competition, and will increase the torque of your vehicle up to 25% for quicker acceleration and crisper throttle response. The easy-to-install chips improve all-around drivability and even boost fuel economy up to 15%, especially when towing.

Check with Performance Resource's Application Guide for your J-Body.

Price $158.99 US Web Address:


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