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Pictures: RAM AIR...


NAVIGATION: / Inferno Z24/MY "Z24"/May 2001...


Pictures: Ram Air, For (Gen I & II) MAY 2001

Parts List:
12" Exhaust Pipe w/450 Bend at 6"
2' of 3" Stainless Furnace exhaust Tube.
House Ventilation and Circulation Collector. (Venmar Systems)


12" Pipe- $20.00
2' of Tubing- $20.00
Vent Collector- $10.00
Total= $50.00
How To: Now this is how to get the same Ram Air as I have.  First go to a local Muffler Shop and Have them bend you up a piece of 3" exhaust pipe 12" long with a 450 bend in the middle. Remove your Filter Box see the rubber rain collector at the bottom of the bracket, remove it, now have the 12" pipe welded  to the bottom of the filter box bracket, (NOTE: make sure the bend goes toward the drivers side fender, this is very important). Now this is the permanent piece that will be on forever.  Now take your Stainless Steel Furnace Tubing and bend it to fit, (See pictures) so that it comes down from the air box PIPE and turns towards the front of the car, (NOTE you must decide on how close you want the tubbing to come to the front, mine comes just past the lower Rad brace), Cut off excess and fit the Ventilation collector onto the tubing, (You may have to screw the tubing and collector together, I did), attach the tubing to you frame with strap ties, the other end connected to the pipe should stay on just fine.  Now unscrew the inner part of the collector, this will be used to close off the top of your Air Filter Box. (NOTE: You must close off the top of the Air Filter Box or the Ram Air effect will just push the air out through your hood), Reattach your Air Filter Box, replace your air filter, place the new cover on top of the box and put the Box cover over it.  You now have RAM AIR!  You will feel the most difference at high speeds, it will feel like the car just wants to take off.  When Winter comes just remove the cover and the stainless tubing.
Cover & Intake Cover & Intake Intake Collector Air Filter Cover
Air Filter Cover The down pipe from the filter box The down pipe connected to the intake tube Real Low angle of the intake assembly
Air Filter Cover Filter  Box Connector Filter Box Connector w/Intake Intake from Below

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INFERNO Z24 2001

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