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The product codes listed here are for a 1988 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24 2.8L V-6 5 Spd Man.

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Dynomax Performance Exhaust
Product #17754 Super Turbo Muffler
Dynomax Muffler Exclusive patented flow directors channel exhaust flow and eliminate turbulence. All-aluminized materials for sharper appearance and longer life. Large diameter internal tubes for maximum flow. Fiberglass matting delivers a mellow, true performance sound. H.D. Super Turbo™ mufflers are arc-welded for reduced high temperature fatigue and longer life. Now available with 3-inch internal flow tubes for some applications, H.D. Super Turbos are ideal for many trucks and RV's. Double wrapped or arc-welded for longer life. Flow any direction (unless stated).

Check with Dynomax's Application Guide for your J-Body.

Price $220.00 Apr.. Web Address:

Rhino Performance Muffler Systems
Product #924 Performance Muffler
Rhino Muffler 100% aluminized construction for long life
Double wrapped, welded side seam construction
Four baffle design
18 gauge end caps and internal baffles
16 gauge, 360 degree welded aluminized AKDQ bridged nipples

Check with Rhino's Application Guide for your J-Body.

Price $110.00 + Web Address:

Product #12148 Performance Muffler
Magnaflo Muffler MagnaFlow's Wide Open Performance Mufflers outflow OEM chamber style mufflers by as much as 167%. This reduces engine heat and back pressure and improves exhaust scavenging from the combustion chamber. MagnaFlow minimizes the power robbing effects of the OEM system
to restore torque and horsepower to the engine. When compared to OEM chamber style mufflers, MagnaFlow beats OEM in every inlet/outlet configuration.

Check with Magnaflo's Application Guide for your J-Body.

Price $300.00 Web Address:

Holley FlowTech
Product #50051FLT Raptor Turbo Performance Muffler
Holley Muffler FlowTech's new Raptor Turbo Performance Muffler features a unique sound rib case design and aluminized, lock seal construction. It offers gigantic, high-output flow tubes to provide more horsepower, better mileage, and a sound of pure performance!

Check with Holley's Catalog for more information.

Price $35.00 Web Address:

Product #9420512    50 series Delta Flow Street Performance

Flow Master Muffler

FLOWMASTER Proudly Offers our latest addition of the delta flow Series mufflers to our street Performance line...this new product Incorporates our delta flow technology for maximum performance in street and race conditions, yet with lower overall sound levels. This new line of street mufflers incorporates the same technology that has been track tested for the past two years by numerous drag racing and circle track teams which yielded improved performance and reduced overall sound levels both inside and outside the vehicle. 

Check with Flowmaster's Catalog for more information.

Price $150.00 Web Address:

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