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The product codes listed here are for a 1988 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24 2.8L V-6 5 Spd Man.

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K&N Engineering
Product # NA Performance Air Filter (Filter Charger)
K&N Filter When it was first developed in 1962, the K&N Filtercharger® was a
true design breakthrough in air filtration technology. Today, it
still is. Because K&N's Filtercharger® can actually double air flow,
which, in turn, adds up to 15 extra horsepower.
The secret lies in the K&N Filtercharger®'s unique
design. Conventional filters use paper or foam material
permeated with millions of tiny, irregular passages, that screen
dirt particles out of the air. Because the dirt particles are
trapped inside the passages, they eventually clog; and when this
occurs, airflow restriction increases dramatically.

Check with K&N's Application Guide for your J-Body.

Price $59.99 US Web Address:

Product # A925C Air Filters
AC Delco Filters ACDelco air filters retain at least 99% of harmful contaminants dirt particles that are as small as a grain of salt - protecting your basic engine parts from abrasive wear. Superior filter capacity, enhanced efficiency, consistent flow management, and high durability make ACDelco filters some of the market's best performers.Tight seals prevent unfiltered air from entering your engine.

Check with ACDelco's Application Guide for your J-Body.

Price $5.00 Aprx. Web Address:

JET Performance Products
Product #4118 Performance Air Filter
Jet Performance Filters JET's POWR-FLO Air Filter adds up to 25% airflow increase over
a stock paper type element, two stage filtration traps the large
particles of dirt in the outer layer and the smaller particles
are trapped in the inner layer, this allows the ultimate in filtration
and provides maximum airflow to the engine. The POWR-FLO filters
are reusable and washable, by washing and re-oiling the filter
periodically it will last the lifetime of the vehicle and is backed
by JET's limited warranty.

Check with Jets Application Guide for your J-Body.

Price $25.95 US Web Address:

Product #71113 Performance Air Filter(Power Filter)
Accel Air Filter As with installing a larger carburetor or adding a
turbo-charger or supercharger, increasing the amount of
intake air available to the engine increases its potential
horsepower. ACCEL’s reticulated, open cell polyurethane
foam is especially designed for high flow filtration.
More air can flow through the PowerFilter, it does not
depend only on its surface for filtration, but traps dust
and dirt throughout its entire depth or thickness.
Therefore, the PowerFilter can be designed with much
less airflow restriction compared to paper filters.

Check with Accel's Application Guide for your J-Body.

Price $30.00 Can. Web Address:

American Products Company
Product #15.10896 Performance Air Filter (Intimidator Air Filter)
APC Air Filter The Intimidator Intake Air Filter will keep your car running
smoothly and cleanly for increased performance.

Check with CarParts .com for your J-Body.

Price $51.70 US Web Address:

Hypertech Power Chips
Product # E0890 Performance Air Filter (Power Filter)
Hypertech Air Filters Hypertech Power Filters deliver increased air flow while at the same time offer much better protection for your engine. The unique aluminum mesh construction actually helps to clean and straighten airflow by reducing turbulence and directing high volume airflow into the throttle body, thereby increasing power. The special cotton fabric design retains oil for the purpose of attracting and holding airborne dust and dirt particles. These particles actually cling to the outside of the filter to become part of the filtering system. Less airflow resistance ensures the best possible power and gas mileage from your engine. Periodically wash out the filter and re-treat it with our special oil and performance never deteriorates. Hypertech's Power Filters are so good they're backed by a limited lifetime warranty. This is the last filter you will ever need to buy for your vehicle!

Check with Hypertech's Application Guide for your J-Body.

Price $40.00 US Web Address:

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